About us

We are Let’s Visit Perú, travel experts in Peru and Southamerica. We provide travelers with everything they need to plan their perfect trip from Lima city tours to cruises in the Amazon and hiking in the highest mountains of the Andes. As part of Vulcano Travel Group a company highly qualified in the travel tech industry, we have the knowledge to select the best tour operators and an excellent sales experience.

Our Experts

We’re a multicultural team of creatives, tech wizards, and passionate travelers who work together to help people enrich their lives with the best experiences and adventures in South America.


1.- Help to make travel dreams come true

Those who founded this project and each of the members that have joined the team has done so to continue doing what they love: travel and pass on others to travel. We are committed to helping people fulfill their travel dreams in South America, just as we did. We have already gone across our continent, now it's our pledge to consult you.

2.- Build lasting relationships

When we are far from home, other travelers become our companions. The same happens when we work all day with the same team. For us maintaining relationships of trust and friendship is vital, that's why our corporate culture is based on cooperation, honesty, transparency, communication and most importantly, having a good time doing what we love, to make travel dreams come true.

3.- Open minds and dare to be different

Traveling is learning about other cultures, facing new ways of thinking and connecting with people we do not usually share within our comfort zone. Traveling opens our minds and teaches us to value diversity. That's why in Let's Visit Peru we do not only love the weirdness, but we appreciate it. If you are one of those you are one of us!

4.- Taking care of our woods, rivers, glaciers, deserts, lakes, and animals.

We love to travel because we love seeing landscapes that take our breath away, observing animals in their natural habitat, walking among millenary trees, bathing in beaches that have not yet been discovered and listening to the singing of unknown birds. We love to travel because we love each and every one of the corners of our planet, and that is why we do not want to contribute in any way to deteriorating them. We are committed to sustainable development. We believe that it is possible to lead a conscious and responsible business in the tourism industry. And we invite you to do the same.