Pasco is a land of contrasts where the mountains and the Peruvian jungle meet. You will fall in love with its mountains and great diversity of flora and fauna.

Pasco is a land of contrasts, where the mountains and jungle come together to form a chain of cold mountains and dense vegetation thanks to its location in the central part of Peru, specifically east of the Western Cordillera. Its capital is Cerro de Pasco, considered the highest city in Peru to be located at 4,338 meters above sea level.

This region is characterized by having a large amount of native communities and picturesque cities such as Huancabamba, Oxapampa, Pozuzo and Villa Rica. They stand out for their cultural mix since in 1853 the first Austro-German settlers arrived in the central jungle, who fused their culture with local traditions, so that both historically and gastronomically, this area is influenced by this multiculturalism.

When you visit this area you should take a tour of the Huayllay Stone Forest, a forest of rock formations and multiple lagoons, and also relax in the thermal baths of La Calera or those of Conoc. In addition, in the region you will find a great diversity of flora and fauna, along with numerous waterfalls that adorn the landscape of the central jungle. It is a perfect destination for lovers of adventure and nature because they can practice rock climbing, hiking, mountain biking and enjoy bird watching.

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